Paint Colour Trends for 2020

The year we spent indoors did spark creativity in all of us. In Dubai, like the rest of the world, we all made our efforts at different scales to brighten up our homes, did DIY renovations, or delegated the task to a painting company to bring the imagined to life. Wall painting trends in 2020 raged on with the need for something vibrant to brighten up our day. Let’s take a look:


Classic Blue
Let’s start with Pantone Color of the Year. The warmth of this classic tone is the perfect background for a picture collage and reminiscent of the night sky. We’ve had several customers jump on the bandwagon and we must say it feels like home.

White (on white)
The chicness of all white is never going out of fashion, in any domain. Moody white walls remain a favorite this year and modern white furniture compliments it.


Blush Pink
Muted pink tones continue to reign, mainly thanks to how well it compliments turquoise or jewel-toned furnishings. It is also one of the chicest tones to come out in recent years and we don’t see the trend dying out anytime soon.


Burnt Orange
Yes, but in moderation. The sharpness of burnt orange lends a pop of color and room for creativity in your interior. Take care to use it over a small area, like a door, and keep things neat around it. It exudes warmth and bold experimentation.


Warm, earthy tones make the cut to trends, and are we loving it, or are we LOVING it? The (way too) old age tone made a modern come back and has been an emerging trend showcasing versatility. Moody, warm clay tones make a perfect shade to make your wall paint stand apart and etched in memory.


Warm Pastels
For homes that enjoy muted tones and a little bit of warmth. Take your pick from spring or autumn shades and enjoy the elegance of this shade.







Moody Hues
Oh, the potential of expression and drama. A timelessly neutral shade is something you cannot get bored of! It’s sleek, elegant, chic, and rich.

Organic Tones
If you’re aiming for a minimalist vibe, then this tone is for you. It exudes simplicity and style without being too much for the eyes. Warm neutrals and cool grays make a brilliant background for an understated home.

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