The dangers of mold growth in the home are often untold and easily ignored. In reality, mold and mildew is a serious concern for homeowners. It can adversely affect the health of your family, especially, seniors, minors, and people with breathing difficulty.


Mold growth ranges on a spectrum of colors, ranging from yellow to green to black and cause health problems including itchy eyes, allergic reactions, and asthma. It tends to find small corners to grow in and your eye can easily miss it. Sometimes people don’t find out until much later when the problem and damage have become extensive.

The core issue with mold and mildew problems is the lack of awareness. Mold is toxic and usually is found in damp places like ceilings, walls, and basement but can also be hidden in places like the AC ducts, hidden from sight. In cases like this, it is crucial to get a professional to come in and analyze the damage and recommend a solution like a duct cleaning.

Air conditioner ducts are ideal for mold growth due to their damp conditions. Ducts can also host a bug or rat infestation. This can lead to toxins in your indoor air quality, thus resulting in the many health concerns mentioned above.

Due to the overuse of air conditioners due to the high temperatures in Dubai, the ducts further get clogged with dust and debris which can further aggravate the mold problem. For reliable duct cleaning,  Dubai-based homes can rely on FIXITO to provide quality evaluation and cleaning services. Our team inspects your ductwork and evaluates the problem before recommending a solution. We also focus on educating our customers and advising realistic and beneficial periods over which you should get your ducts checked for mold, mildew, and clogs. Our values encourage us to practice transparency and we do not recommend AC duct cleaning in Dubai unless needed.

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