There is a lot of debate out there on duct maintenance and if it is another scam to dent your wallet or its dirty and dusty ducts have an adverse effect on your indoor air quality, and require regular cleaning. Some cleaners even recommend cleaning on a bi-monthly basis.

So, let’s determine myth from fact, what is the truth about duct cleaning and how often does one really need it. Starting with, what is duct cleaning in the first place?

Ducts cleaning is the cleaning of the various components of heating or cooling systems including air ducts, grilles, diffusers, coils, etc. A thorough cleaning out of debris, dust, accumulated pet hair, and other particles have often done by professionals is usually prescribed.


  • You need to get air ducts cleaned on a bi-monthly basis. It has been completely mythicized that this needs to be multiple times a year. You may have come across multiple people trying to sell you a service and telling you that you need professional cleaning on a routine basis.
  • Ducts get clogged when you use air conditioning.
  • Bacteria grow if you use a dehumidifier.


  • Ducts need to be cleaned in circumstances that include any family members that may suffer from respiratory problems, children, or any elderly that reside in the house. Clogged ducts could attract bugs or rodents, starting an infestation or mold builds up. According to global bodies in health authorities, ducts that are not cleaned properly could also result in polluting the air indoors, which is why it is essential to get a professional service instead of doing it yourself.

You only need to get them cleaned in cases of excessive clogging of debris and dust, if there has been an infestation or mold has started to build up. Otherwise, you can skip the cleaning.

  • A buildup of debris is not limited to air conditioning. It can also happen if you are using your heating system.
  • Bacteria usually grows in damp environments, regardless of the season, and using a dehumidifier does not curb growth.

Fixito: Transparency in Service

We at Fixito care about our customers, their hard-earned money, and take pride in the transparency of our services. We aim to educate our readers on what is essential and what isn’t to maintain the health of their families. If you choose to hire us, we can do the cleaning job for you and also take the time to explain to you when you might need to next clean because we aren’t just here to sell you a service but to help improve your quality of life.

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