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Who We Are?

Fixito is a Dubai-based facility management company, providing an array of services from residential maintenance to general cleaning and support services for commercial clients.

We are committed to providing our customers with a personalized, high quality service. If you need someone technical or require cleaning or admin support at home or at work, we want to be the company that you look for. Focus on the more important things in life, so if you won’t or can’t fix it, Fixito can!

Duct Cleaning:Myths & Facts

Duct Cleaning:Myths & Facts

There is a lot of debate out there on duct maintenance and if it is another scam to dent your wallet or its dirty and dusty ducts have an adverse effect on your indoor air quality, and require regular cleaning. Some cleaners even recommend cleaning on a bi-monthly...


We believe that personalized combined with high quality and affordable services make a satisfying customer
experience and life better!

Our mission is to provide our customers with all their maintenance needs and to help them in making their living and workspaces more attractive and comfortable. While we know that sometimes we all can do some DIY, but if you don’t have the time and need help, know that.
If You Can’t Fix it, Fixito Can!


We believe in doing our best and putting the right resources to provide you with a professional and friendly service.

We believe in supporting individuals and the community. While we hire skilled personnel to be a part of our team, we aim to improve their skills further and keep them at work to be contributing members of the society and supporting their families. Most of our staff come from lower social economic status and will benefit from your continued patronage.